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12 Hilarious Relatable Cartoons About Life As A Young Mum

Create: 06/08/2017 - 03:37
12 Hilarious Relatable Cartoons About Life As A Young Mum
Embarrassing stains on your T-shirt, sniffing someone’s bum to check if he has pooped, the first sex after giving birth… as a young mum your life turns upside down. Our cartoon series visualizes these relatable situations in a hilarious way.
We, illustrator Ingebritt ter Veld and I, Corinne de Vries, had babies shortly after one another. Our pregnancies and first months as moms inspired these cartoons.
As a young mom you undoubtedly recognize the drawings of situations every mom goes through during pregnancy and after childbirth - but those experiences are not always talked about. With the series “#thingsonlymomsknow” we want to depict the reality of motherhood - with all the (sometimes literally) painful, funny and loving moments.
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