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Developmental Milestones for Baby: Seventh Month

Create: 12/26/2015 - 10:41

There is a general development plan which shows parents when each milestone is achieved. For example, babies start to smile in sixth week. However babies laughing in forth week or still unsimiling in second month are not exceptions.   
Development milestones are an important guide to see if your baby's development is on track or not. Before taking a look at milestone lists, please keep in mind the effect of environmental factors in baby's development and that each child has different rates of development.
Your six-month-old has far greater upper body control. So when you put your six-month-old on his tummy, you may find that your baby pushes up all the way on their hands [UNKNOWN] their chest is completely off the surface. And your six month old is now probably rolling from tummy to back, and back to tummy. 
Your baby now has far greater control of his hands. Your baby will now pick up an object, transfer to the other hand, and will likely bring it to his mouth for further exploration. 
And when you're feeding your baby you may find that your baby's actually reaching for the bottle or even reaching for the spoon to try and feed himself. 1 of the greatest things about the 6 month old stage is that your baby can probably now recognize his or her own name. These are some fun and interesting things to look for during the 7th month of life.