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How to Change a Baby's Outfit in Under 1 Minute?

Create: 02/23/2016 - 07:30

Some babies seem to move, wiggle, and roll over constantly. Changing a squirmy baby’s clothing safely and efficiently can be a real challenge. The prospect of getting those little newborn arms and legs into clothes can be daunting. But it’ll become easier with time – which you’ll have plenty of – just be gentle and patient until you both get the hang of it.
Warm and cosy Your baby is very likely to cry as you take off her clothes as she doesn’t like the cold and prefers to feel snug and secure. Try not to get flustered, just keep your movements quick and smooth; talk and reassure her in a soothing voice, and keep the room warm. 
Newborn’s heads are floppy, so you might find it easiest laying her on a non-slip surface, such as a changing mat. You could rest her head on your hand, but it’s useful to have both hands free.
About video: Linda Richardson, celebrity baby nurse, shows you how to change a baby's outfit in under 1 minute.