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Importance of Exclusive Breastfeeding for the First 6 Months

Create: 12/06/2015 - 07:45

Breastfeeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants; it is also an integral part of the reproductive process with important implications for the health of mothers. 
Review of evidence has shown that, on a population basis, exclusive breastfeeding for six months is the optimal way of feeding infants. Thereafter infants should receive complementary foods with continued breastfeeding up to 2 years of age or beyond.
Your baby’s body has iron stored from your body during pregnancy. Your breast milk has a protein that makes your baby’s body able to use that iron.
Babies who have only breast milk for six months are less sick than babies who eat other foods. They have less pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. They also have less intestinal disease, fewer ear infections, and fewer allergies.
About video: This film educates on the importance of exclusively breastfeeding for the first six months. It details nutritional and health benefits breastfeeding provides to both mother and baby.