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How to Dress Your Newborn Baby?
Apr 01, 2017

Liz Day takes you through how to dress your newborn baby in a bodysuit and sleepsuit. This video also shows some of the baby clothing you might need during those first few months, including hats and mitts to keep your little one cosy.

Newborn Care: Concerns for Premature Babies
Mar 30, 2017

There can be feeding difficulties. Until she learns to suck effectively, your baby may be fed through a tube. But the nurses can still give her any breast milk that you pump, or freeze it for use in the future.

Holding Your Newborn Safely and Comfortably
Mar 11, 2017

What you'll find is your baby will prefer some positions to others, and you'll find this out within the first week or so. So try different holds, hold baby securely and quite tightly. They enjoy this and they like it, it makes them feel secure.

How to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby Safely?
Mar 09, 2017
You may not be sure about what swaddling is, but it has been used for many many years, centuries actually. And it's a way of wrapping babies quite tightly, in a lightweight blanket or sheet.
What You Need to Know About Newborn Care
Mar 07, 2017
Bath time is a good chance to examine your baby’s skin from head to toe. Several skin conditions are quite common in newborns and aren’t cause for concern.
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