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Unborn Babies Facts: How Baby Develop in Mother Womb?

Create: 03/03/2016 - 07:11

When does life really begin? Do you know about the miracle of life? A unique human being's DNA is created human DNA that has never existed before and will never be repeated again.
At the moment of conception, all the baby's physical traits sex, hair color, eye color, have already been determined. An unborn baby's heart starts to beat only 22 days after conception, before most women even know they are pregnant.
Week 3: You can see her eyes ans ears.
Week 6: She has fingers and toes.
Week 6-11: She will grow 5 times in size.
Week 11: She can smile and frown wiggle her fingers and toes and even suck her thumb.
As soon as thumb sucking begins the baby tends to show a clear preference for either the right or left thumb. A baby in the womb moves 50 times or more each hour.
Week 13: Her ears start picking up vibrations.
She is comforted by the constant sound of her mother's heartbeat. She can also hear sounds from the outside world coversations, loud noises, and music. 
Week 16: She can open and close her eyes and has her own fingerprints.
Ultrasounds show that babies have R.E.M. sleep which likely means that babies dream even before they are born. After 6 months of pregnancy everything has developed and is functioning as it will in the fully grown baby.
Week 38-42: She is born.